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phoebe RIAA amplifier

phoebe RIAA amplifier


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Introducing phoebe

A weak point on many DJ mixers is the quality of the turntable inputs. While many sound OK, you shouldn’t run the risk of compromising audio fidelity if you take your art seriously.

This ultra-compact, professional RIAA Moving-Magnet pre-amp redefines audio quality for DJing, with clear transparent highs, a beautifully detailed mid, and a deep, tight low end.

With adjustable gain, switchable cartridge loading, and a sub-harmonic filter to eliminate acoustic feedback problems, phoebe delivers exceptional audio performance in a strong, compact alloy chassis that fits easily into your record bag. 

Product Description

+6dB Gain Boost Button: Easily amplify quieter turntable cartridges to match the desired output level.

22 Hz Low-Frequency Roll-Off: Eliminates subharmonic frequencies to ensure a cleaner sound without unwanted low-end rumble.

Input Loading Switch:Located on the rear, it enables users to switch between 47Kohm and 74Kohm load impedance, catering to different cartridge requirements and personal preferences.

Additional Highlights

Ultra-Compact Design: Seamlessly integrates into any audio setup without taking up excessive space.

Pristine Sound Reproduction: Captures every nuance of your vinyl records, delivering clear and detailed audio.>

Versatile Use: Ideal for both DJs and audiophiles, providing professional-grade performance for both club environments and home listening.

Professional Engineering: Ensures reliability and precision, enhancing the overall audio experience.

phoebe is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience, whether you're spinning tracks in a club or enjoying the rich textures of your vinyl collection at home. Where compact design meets powerful functionality.


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