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Where do you ship?

We ship to most countries worldwide via UPS

What are the Shipping Costs

Shipping cost will be calculated after you have placed your order and is based on your location.

As an example, for orders within the UK shipping will be approximately £35 fully insured.

What are the VAT and import Duties

If you are purchasing in the UK, 20% VAT will be applied.

If you are purchasing outside of the UK then you do not have to pay the UK VAT charge, however you will need to pay local customs and duty fees when the order arrives in its destination country.

Please check with your local customs authorities regarding your country’s import taxes, fees and customs duties prior to ordering.

How do i install my orbit.6

The orbit.6 is designed to be placed in a 19 Inch rack unit or custom installation. When fitting the mixer into a rack unit always use protective nylon washers under the securing screws to avoid damaging the anodised aluminium faceplate, and do not overtighten.

What happens if i spill liquid on my mixer

If liquid is accidentally spilt onto the mixer, turn off the power supply immediately, and if possible, turn the unit upside-down to minimise ingress. Clean off the spill with a damp cloth, and dry thoroughly before powering back on. If afterwards the mixer fails to function properly or is excessively noisy, contact Union Audio technical support, or an appointed service agent to have the unit inspected at the earliest opportunity.

How do I look after the mixer

When not in use, cover the mixer with a dedicated protective screen or dust sheet, and avoid siting the unit where it will be in direct sunlight for any length of time. Clean stains or spills with a soft damp cloth and dry carefully with a soft cotton cloth. Never use harsh abrasive or solvent based cleaning products. Turn off the mixer when not in use to minimise power consumption and consider additional cooling (such as a directing a desktop fan at the mixer and power supply) when operating in high ambient temperatures. Only ever store the unit in a dry environment as dampness and high humidity will shorten the life of the potentiometers and could promote internal corrosion.

Why do the VU Meter needles sometimes stick or lag?

The needles in the VU meters are highly sensitive to electrostatic charges. This can cause the needle to initially stick when first powered on or lag behind the other meter. The static charge will normally dissipate after a few seconds but to minimise the issue take extra care when polishing or cleaning the mixer and be sure to use a soft cotton or anti-static cloth with a specialist anti-static spray to avoid inducing a charge on the meter. Take extra care when wiping the meter windows as they can be easily scratched.

Where are your products made?

All our products are made and assembled in Cornwall, UK by our small team of passionate engineers. Each one will go through rigorous testing to make sure it’s in perfect working order before shipping. We are massively proud of these products and endeavour to create the best possible user experience.

What is the Warranty duration?

Union Audio Warrants the product and accessories contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in accordance with the user manual, for a period of two years from the date of original purchase.

What are the Conditions of the Warranty?

The equipment has not been subject to misuse either intended or accidental, neglect, or alteration other than approved by Union Audio.
The warranty does not cover potentiometer wear and tear. Any necessary adjustment, alteration or repair has only been carried out by Union Audio or distributor or appointed service agent. The defective unit is to be returned to the place of purchase or an authorised Union Audio distributor or agent with proof of purchase. Units returned must be packed in the original carton to avoid transit damage. Any changes or modifications to the equipment not approved by Union Audio will void the warranty.

How do I get repairs carried out?

If the product gets damaged, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to advise on possible repair avenues and the potential costs to repair.