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About elara.4

The new elara.4 from Union Audio is an ultra-compact, high quality analogue mixer, designed for DJs and clubs that require 4 channels but have limited booth space.

Despite the compact dimensions the elara.4 has a fully featured channel strip, with auxiliary send (pre or post fader selectable), channel level trim, a responsive 3 band Equaliser with -20dB attenuation/+6dB of gain, and a high-pass filter with auto variable Q (Q rises with cut-off frequency to give the classic filter sound without the danger of excessively boosting low frequencies.

Cue System

The comprehensive Cue system offers per channel pre-fader monitoring, split-cue and add-mix controls.

With all Cues off, the headphone monitor defaults to mix, with the stereo 10 LED VU meter showing pre-Master mix buss level. Selecting any Cue automatically switches the Main VU to show the channel pre-fader level, or channel pre-fader and Mix when the split control is active.

Each channel has a 10 LED meter and a very high quality TKD conductive plastic fader with a weighted feel, for precise mixing.

Master EQ/Isolator

Unique to the elara.4 is the master EQ/isolator with variable crossover control, designed to complement the channel EQ and allowing for some highly creative sound sculpturing.

The Isolator has a fixed “Q” of 1 and can be swept from 150Hz to 1kHz (Low-Mid crossover point), with full kill or a safe +6dB of boost.

Other Features

Other features include Balanced XLR main mix, Booth and Aux Outputs on ¼” TRS Jacks, record output on RCA, and switchable Aux Return or Master Insert for full FX or Outboard integration.

The elara.4 also features an Innofader crossfader with variable contour, and per channel selectable routing via a toggle switch.


Build quality is exemplary.

With an anodised and silkscreened front panel machined from 5083 aluminium tooling plate, high quality aluminium control knobs, a rugged 1.2mm Zintec chassis, and extensive use of Alps potentiometers and switches throughout. Internally the mixer is fully modular with all PCBs mounted 90ᵒ to the front panel to prevent pooling in the event of a liquid spill and minimise audio crosstalk.

The elara.4 is designed by Andy Rigby-Jones and built by Union Audio in Cornwall UK.

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