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lisann Headphone Amplifier

lisann Headphone Amplifier


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Introducing lisann

This compact and powerful portable headphone amplifier is the audio equivalent of a multi-tool.

Powered by high-capacity rechargeable batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride for safety), lisann includes a full, high-speed USB audio subsystem with optical digital, and balanced XLR analogue inputs.  A powerful, semi-discrete class AB power amplifier drives the dual headphone outputs at levels of up to 750mW RMS into 33 Ohms, or up to +20dBu for high impedance headphones,  thanks to 30 volt internal power rails.

With USB-C connectivity lisann can stream digital audio at speeds of up to 96kHz/24 Bit with clarity and dynamics from its AKM digital converters.  In addition, lisann can record back to USB from any input source, either digital or analogue. Built-in battery management, and recharging from the supplied universal voltage adaptor, lisann will provide up to 12 hours of continuous usage


  • Built in USB audio playback and record
  • 96kHz/24Bit audio
  • Optical Digital Audio input
  • Balanced XLR inputs accept levels up to +20dBu
  • Internal rechargeable NiMh batteries
  • 750mW RMS into 33 Ohms
  • Up to 12 hours continuous usage on one recharge
  • 15Hz to 60kHz analogue frequency response

lisann is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality compact, portable audio source or headphone monitor. It can be used to drive high-impedance headphones when streaming audio from a phone or laptop, or to record analogue signals back to a USB connected device.


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