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orbit.6 10th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition

orbit.6 10th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition


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Mark a milestone in audio innovation with the Union Audio 10th Anniversary ultra-rare, limited edition gold versions of the iconic orbit.6 Mixer. With only 10 units ever being  made, this exclusive mixer is a celebration of Union Audio's decade of excellence, combining unmatched performance with an extraordinary, luxurious design.

Limited Edition Gold Union Audio orbit.6 Mixer

The Union Audio orbit.6 Mixer, revered for its superior analogue performance, now comes in a striking 10th Anniversary Gold Edition. This exclusive model features a stunning gold finish, and is fitted with the legendary 1990s China Beijing ECC82 valves  making it not only a powerful audio tool but also a prized collector's item.

About orbit.6

Orbit.6 is a six-channel rack-mounted rotary mixer, beautifully engineered for the discerning audiophile DJ and vinyl lover.

Orbit.6 features a per-channel valve stage, with a fully discrete internal signal path from Channel Input to Mix-Out. Equipped with four RIAA and eight Line inputs, each channel also incorporates an Aux send, High-Pass Filter and heavily damped rotary fader, while the Master section features an eq/isolator and custom VU Meters. Orbit.6 presents a unique and distinctive listening experience, with sweet clear highs, warm forward mids, and extended, driving low end, breathing life into even modest setups while maximising the potential of high-end sound systems.

Why Discrete?

A discrete circuit is one built from individual components, as opposed to an integrated circuit (IC) where all the components are etched onto a single wafer of silicon.

The basic building block of analogue electronics is the operational amplifier, or op-amp; a device with a differential input and a single output. Commercial op-amp ICs are complex, containing many transistors, resistors and capacitors to ensure stable, repeatable and consistent operation in a wide range of different circuit topologies, many of which will not be audio related. A typical mixer will contain dozens of these ICs that the audio signal will have to pass through on its journey from input to output. And while the added complexity might ensure good measured performance, it doesn’t necessarily translate into what sounds pleasing to the ear, as each component will have a tiny effect on the overall tonality.

A purpose made discrete audio op-amp however, only needs sufficient complexity to perform its intended function, and can therefore be designed with far fewer components.

In addition, each of these components can be individually chosen for best audio performance, rather than being limited by what can be etched onto a single wafer of silicon.

Damped Faders

The six rotary channel faders feature a custom damper, developed in-house by Union Audio.

This patent applied for damping system, gives a silky smooth, heavily weighted feel for the most precise of mix transitions, while the constant-torque makes for easy and subtle level changes, taking the rotary mixer experience to new heights. And unlike a conventional potentiometer, the damping system will not lose its feel over time.

To further enhance the mix experience, each of the 33mm classically styled fader knobs are subtly backlit for easy identification in low light conditions.


Orbit.6 is crafted using only premium-grade materials and components to ensure long life and superb sound quality.

The front panel is precision machined from 6mm 5083 Aluminium tooling plate, glass bead blasted, black anodised and white silk-screened, while the rugged steel chassis is manufactured from 1.5mm Zintec, black texture powder-coated and white silkscreened.

All connectors are either gold or silver plated, and internally high precision film capacitors are used throughout. Potentiometers are long-life metal-shaft Alps types.

Power Supply

Orbit.6 is powered by the external Hybrid Linear power supply unit (PSU) “Europa”.

Each Europa PSU is factory configured for the specific mains voltage for the location where it is used, and is available in three versions; 100VAC (JAPAN ONLY), 115VAC, and 230VAC. Please ensure you specify the correct mains voltage when placing your order for the Orbit.6

Europa has three outputs, +16V and -16V providing power for the mixer’s analogue audio circuitry, and +12V to power the valve heater elements.

The two analogue rails are fully linear and are derived via a high quality toroidal transformer, bridge rectifier, smoothing, and dual discrete regulators. These analogue power rails are extremely quiet with a typical wide-band output noise level of <-85dBu at the rated output of 1amp.

The analogue power rails are fully protected against short circuit and overvoltage, and each rail has its own visual status indicator; Green for good, flashing Amber for overheat warning, or flashing Red in the event of a shutdown.

The 12 volts for the valve heaters is derived from a compact switched mode power supply module, ensuring high efficiency and maximum reliability.

The orbit.6 is designed by Andy Rigby-Jones and built by Union Audio in Cornwall UK.

Elevate your audio production and studio aesthetics with the exclusive 10th Anniversary Gold orbit.6 mixer from Union Audio, order soon as we don't anticipate these hanging around for long and once they are gone, they are gone!

The orbit.6 is designed by Andy Rigby-Jones and built by Union Audio in Cornwall UK.

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