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orbit eq.xfader 10th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition

orbit eq.xfader 10th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition


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Limited Edition Gold Union Audio Orbit eq.xfader enhances your audio setup with advanced equalization and crossfading capabilities, all encased in a beautiful gold finish. Limited to only 10 units, it’s a true testament to Union Audio’s craftsmanship.

  • Precision EQ Controls: Fine-tune your audio with detailed equalization options, bringing professional-grade sound sculpting to your fingertips.
  • Smooth Crossfading: Achieve seamless track transitions with the high-quality crossfader, ideal for both studio and live performances.
  • Robust Build Quality: Ensuring both durability and a luxurious appearance, this limited edition piece is built to last and impress.

Key Features:

Dual 4-Band Isolator Design: The eq.xfader features dual 4-band isolators, allowing precise control over the frequency bands of connected audio sources, enabling users to boost or cut as needed.

Innofader Crossfader: Equipped with a high-quality Innofader crossfader, the eq.xfader ensures smooth and seamless transitions between audio sources, enhancing the mixing experience.

6-Channel Architecture: Designed to mirror the orbit.6 mixer, the eq.xfader offers a 6-channel architecture, providing seamless integration with the orbit.6 and expanding mixing possibilities.

Mix/Cut Switch: The Mix/Cut switch alters the crossfader's functionality, allowing users to switch between gradual transitions in Mix mode and full volume in Cut mode.

Expansion Options: The eq.xfader offers expansion options through the Mixer Insert, enabling daisy-chaining of multiple units, and the Iso Insert for additional processing such as Graphic EQ, Compressor, and FX units.


eq.xfader is crafted in the same way as our class leading orbit.6, using only premium-grade materials and components to ensure long life and superb sound quality.

The front panel is precision machined from 6mm 5083 Aluminium tooling plate, glass bead blasted, anodised and silk-screened, while the rugged steel chassis is manufactured from 1.5mm Zintec, black texture powder-coated and white silkscreened.

All connectors are either gold or silver plated, and internally high precision film capacitors are used throughout. Potentiometers are long-life metal-shaft Alps types.

Why Choose Union Audio eq.xfader The Union Audio eq.xfader is not just an accessory but an essential tool for expanding the capabilities of the Orbit.6 mixer. With its innovative design, precise control, and versatile expansion options, it offers unparalleled flexibility for DJs and audio professionals. Elevate your mixing experience with the Union Audio eq.xfader.

Available in Various Colours!

In line with Union Audio's commitment to style and customization, the eq.xfader is available in various coloured front panels, including black, red, silver, blue, and a limited edition gold. Choose the colour that suits your style and elevate your setup.


Dimensions: 1U rackmount unit

Connectivity: Mixer Insert, Iso Insert

Components: Premium audio-grade operational amplifiers, close-tolerance film capacitors

Colour Options: Black, Red, Silver, Blue, Limited Edition Gold

Order Now and Expand Your Mixing Horizons!

Elevate your audio production and studio aesthetics with the exclusive 10th Anniversary Gold orbit eq.xfader from Union Audio, order soon as we don't anticipate these hanging around for long and once they are gone, they are gone!

The eq.xfader is designed by Andy Rigby-Jones and built by Union Audio in Cornwall UK.

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