Union Audio launches eq.fader to accompany its flagship orbit.6 rotary mixer

Union Audio launches eq.fader to accompany its flagship orbit.6 rotary mixer


British audio design firm, Union Audio, has launched an EQ/crossfader unit designed to accompany and expand the mixing possibilities of the company’s flagship orbit.6 analogue rotary mixer. The eq.xfader is a 1U rackmount unit featuring a unique dual 4-band isolator design with an Innofader crossfader, adding another dimension to the capabilities of the orbit.6, and opening up an array of expansion options to innovate customer set ups and promote dynamic mixing.

Designed with a 6-channel architecture to mirror the orbit mixer, the dual crossfader transitions between audio sources connected to either side of the crossfader, placing channels 1-3 and channels 4-6 on opposing sides of the crossfader. A Mix/Cut switch alters the crossfader's functionality from a carefully designed curve to create gradual transitions in Mix mode, to full volume in Cut mode when the crossfader is moved towards the end-stop. 

The eq.xfader also provides dual 4-band isolators, allowing detailed control of the frequency bands of corresponding audio sources from any two out of the three channels on either side of the crossfader, allowing users to boost or cut them as needed. The pair of isolator circuits take the place of the Orbit.6's onboard 3-band ISO, allowing it to be used for any additional
external gear.

Further expansion options are possible via the Mixer Insert, which enables the daisy-chaining of multiple units, whilst the Iso Insert can be used to add additional processing, Graphic EQ, Compressor and FX units, and is used in place of the orbit.6 Master Insert point. While the unit is designed to perfectly synchronise with the orbit.6, it can also be used as a universal, standalone crossfader and EQ. Components wise, the eq.xfader incorporates premium audio grade operational amplifiers and close tolerance film capacitors.

“The eq.xfader is a brilliant addition to our growing portfolio. Not only is it a fantastic accessory, adding yet another dimension to the capabilities of the Orbit.6, it also opens up a wealth of expansion options making it a highly versatile product. Sonically, its unique 4-band design offers another level of precision for creating smooth transitions or adjusting the tonal balance of a mix. Not only that, it’s all housed in 1U rackmount casing for universal installation. We’re proud to be introducing it to the family!” says Union Audio founder, Andy Rigby-Jones.

In keeping with Union Audio’s orbit and elara mixers, the eq.xfader is available in various coloured front panels from the standard black, to red, silver and blue, as well as a limited edition gold. Prices are £1230 +VAT for the black and £1270 +VAT for the colours, available to order now here.

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