Union Audio celebrates ten year anniversary

Union Audio celebrates ten year anniversary

Cornwall-based audio design firm, Union Audio, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, and to mark the occasion, a limited edition gold version of its flagship rotary mixer, the orbit.6, will be available to ten lucky customers.


Andy began his audio career on the assembly line of pro audio manufacturer, Allen & Heath. With a passion for DJing, and a keen practical knowledge of engineering, it was not long before Andy had devised the beginnings of Allen & Heath’s first DJ mixer, and the now legendary brand, Xone, was born. Andy led the hugely successful Xone range for the next 14 years, producing industry standard iconic mixers such as the Xone:92.


Launching his own business dedicated to bespoke analogue audio design, Andy formed Union Audio in 2014, collaborating with leading names in the DJ and sound reproduction field, including Richie Hawtin’s Play differently, MasterSounds Audio and TPI. 


In 2022 the company reached a major milestone with the release of the first own brand product, the orbit.6 six-channel rack-mounted analogue rotary mixer, followed a year later by the compact linear 4-channel elara.4. 


“Put simply, our aim at Union Audio is to provide an elite range of analogue mixing products,  meticulously engineered to meet the aspirations of audiophile DJ and vinyl lovers,” explains founder, Andy Rigby-Jones. “I am very proud of all we have achieved so far, the workplace we have created, and most importantly, the joy and passion we have inspired in DJs and home studio enthusiasts around the globe. To date, Union Audio has manufactured over 6,000 mixers and audio accessories, not bad for a company founded in my garden shed!”

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