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Union Audio announces partnership with Sweetwater as Distributor in the Americas

UK audio design firm, Union Audio, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sweetwater, America’s leading online retailer of music instruments and pro audio gear, to manage distribution of its elite audio products across the Americas.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, Union Audio is the brainchild of legendary mixer designer, Andy Rigby-Jones, who has collaborated with leading names in the DJ and sound reproduction field, including Richie Hawtin’s Play differently, MasterSounds Audio and TPI, and culminating in the release of its own brand orbit.6 six-channel rack-mounted analogue rotary mixer and compact linear 4-channel elara.4. 


Effective immediately, Sweetwater will manage the sales and distribution of the orbit and elara mixers and accessories, as well as any future product releases, to customers in the USA, Canada and South America. 

"The Union Audio brand is about bespoke analogue audio products, meticulously engineered and hand built. We're thrilled to be able to partner with the leading retailer in such a major territory,” says Andy Rigby-Jones. “The new partnership will enable us to bring this excellence to a wider customer base, whilst maintaining our manufacturing quality and values.”

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